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Welcome to my website, this is my personal web site.
Where you will find all my practices / codes and some other website that I will do.
Here you can see my work in a more organized way than on my Github.

My Projects

Image Filter


This is my Image Filter made in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In it you can search for the themes and everything will be applied. I hope helped you if you were looking for a solution

Look it here!
Number Guess Javascript


This is my guess the number made with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It has a total of 3 levels of difficulty. You can always tell me what you think and I hope I have helped you

Look it here!
Rock, Scissors and Paper


The classic game of luck but in Web and made with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I hope I have helped you and remember that you can always leave a comment.

Look it here!
Meme Generator


This Web tells you what meme are you. This web made with HTML, CSS and JavaScript adre. You can say in comments your meme and I hope i helped you.

Look it here!

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I just remind you that you can follow me on my Twitch channel
where I do live shows almost every day.
Either playing, talking or even programming, Join this great family :)

Every day from 20:00 to 22:00 or from 22:00 to 00:00

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